Leasing and Sales

Hobby Horse Lease


This is a very economical way to practice having a horse to call your own, without all of the financial responsibilities of ownership. Come to ride, groom, play and visit with the horse you choose. 3-6 rides per week are included in the packages, and students are welcome to ride anytime instructors are teaching.  Student must maintain 1 lesson a week - not include in lease price.

Half Lease: $300 (plus tax) per month 

includes 3 rides a week. 

Full Lease: $500 (plus tax) per month

 includes 6 rides a week. 

Show Horse Lease


We offer special leasing on quality show horses.  There are restrictions on these leases however unlike the Hobby Horse Lease; a Show Horse Lease is exclusive to one rider.  There are several options for the lease which depend on discipline and show schedule.  Start lease price is $800 per month.  A thorough discussion with student and instructor will determine requirements and best plan.  

Looking to Buy


Have you always dreamed of owning a horse?  Are you ready to make the commitment?  With over 30 years in the horse business Ivy Rock has a stellar reputation for matching the right horse with the right rider.  There is nothing worse than seeing an unhappy horse or mismatch between horse/rider.   Ivy Rock offers many horses for sale throughout the year and also serves as liaison for customers looking to find the right fit.  Let us know how we can help find your dream horse.